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I’m Still Here

I’m still here; a desperate title to my latest entry, and one to define a peculiar and surreal time in my career. How in the world can I still be working into the 7th month of international travel restrictions? Answer: I’m privileged to have clients that look to me to tell their stories and communicate their crucial work to donors, stakeholders and the public at large. Here are a few highlights of videos I’ve edited and produced over the last few months. The majority of the shots were mined from my footage archive, with a bit of supplement from Pond5. The above piece was made for Corus International, a new ensemble of organizations working to end extreme poverty by harnessing the combined powers of the private for-profit and development-aid sectors. This is currently airing in ads on LinkedIn in order to introduce the new umbrella organization to professionals working in[…]

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ChildFund in the Philippines

These days my work with ChildFund involves getting to the heart of what the organization does through personal video storytelling. I’ve been talking to current and former sponsored children, and their parents, to see how participation in the program leads to transformation in their lives today and puts them on solid ground when they move on to adulthood. Hazel, whose profile is shown above, is a current sponsored child living in rural Mindanao, while Ana Maeh, below, grew up in the program and is now a teacher in Manila. Their stories would be entirely different had not someone from far away made the decision to intervene in their lives.   All photographs and video copyright Jake Lyell Photography, LLC 2019. All rights reserved.

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Latin Connection – part 1

Ecuador: I shot mostly video on this trip, but not sure when those stories will see the light of day. Happy school children and really tall mountains were the norm. It sure is cold up in them hills. Ecuador’s snow-capped kingpin, Mt. Chimborazo, can be seen in the distance of the landscape below. Other shots of ChildFund’s interventions display livelihood initiatives centered on knitting and agriculture.

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