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The Fog in Prague

Prague makes for a dreary setting in the winter time, but it’s fitting for a such a city, much of which was built in the dark ages. The cold and damp seems not to deter the buskers and street illusionists, nor the swans that inhabit the Vltava River. Me? A couple days is enough. Back to the tropics.

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Indian Summer

While on my way to some rural areas of Maharashtra state, I took a moment to see how some of Mumbai’s 21 million residents spend their afternoon.  I’ve made it to India at the height of summer, but I much prefer the 100°F+ dry heat of June to the extreme humidity to come in July and August, which has rendered my lenses useless in the past. India is both the extraordinary and the execrable, and sadly I’ve grown much too acclimated to the latter.   The level of poverty seen here brings about a feeling of hopelessness.  But as I’ll show from a couple of video pieces I’m creating now, even at unlikely odds, the battle is winnable.

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Meanwhile in Barcelona…

It’s just early spring in Barcelona, and a bit of a chilly one at that, but life is in full bloom here.  I can only imagine what this town on the Mediterranean is like in July.  For all the joie de vivre in this city, or shall I say alegría de vivir, you wouldn’t know Spain is currently suffering from gloomy unemployment levels of 27% (Reminds me of last year’s infamous “Spain is not Uganda” quip.) Beaches, nightlife, art, and gastronomy are all big draws, but for me it was mostly the architecture.  From its ancient Roman walls, to its Gothic Cathedrals, to the quirky creations of the 19th and 20th century Modernistas, Barcelona enjoys over two thousand years of stunning design tradition.  What better setting in which to savor caviar and cava? Outstanding architecture is something I’m exploring more and more of these days.  Look for a new section[…]

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