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Everywhere a Coffee Bar

Three coffee shops next to each other on the same block?  One right across from the other?  This isn’t the left bank of the Seine or downtown DC.  This is Ethiopia! Sure, coffee is grown and exported from other African countries like Tanzania and Kenya, but only in Ethiopia is coffee cultivated, harvested, roasted, and afterwards widely consumed by the public.  In fact, coffee is deeply entrenched in the fiber of Ethiopian society. Long before the Italians came to attempt a takeover of the country (they failed), Ethiopians have been savoring sweet espresso, home-style.  The Italian espresso machine did catch on, however, as it has elsewhere, and is nearly as ubiquitous in Ethiopia as the jabena, the traditional kettle in which coffee is prepared here. Coffee even originates from Ethiopia.  It comes from a region known as Kaffa, from which most languages derive their word for the caffeinated essential.  Below,[…]

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