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Unlocking Potential – Senegal

A seedling that doesn’t receive enough water and sunlight in it’s infancy cannot grow into a fruitful tree. In the same way, a child who doesn’t receive love and proper care cannot realize his full potential as an adult, should he be fortunate enough to survive into adulthood. ChildFund’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program in Senegal is working in immensely challenging conditions to empower parents and caregivers with the tools and knowledge they need to properly nurture their children at this crucial stage in life. This is last in a series of six videos from the same number of countries I shot and edited for ChildFund’s new iPad app which exploring the different facets and successes of the ECD program. Special thanks to ChildFund’s Christine Ennulat for the creative input here. Here’s some other fun shots from a stroll down the beach in Dakar:  

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Mother in Charge

I recently completed a couple of weeks in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region. I’ll likely complete four or five videos once the dust settles, literally. Here’s the first. Werdi is the lead mother and manager of ChildFund‘s Early Childhood Development center in Fantale, Ethiopia. In a rural area where girls traditionally don’t receive an education, she’s a bold supporter and advocate for social change in her village. ChildFund‘s work relies on individuals at a community level. The ECD program in Fantale prepares young ones for primary school, and insures they receive proper nutrition and medical care during their crucial early years. It is also successfully navigating complex social customs in order to bring about change in the lives of young people and families.

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Do they know it’s Women’s Day?

I haven’t been in the States during International Women’s Day in quite a while. Unless things have drastically changed, I can’t remember it being a big deal there. In Africa things are different. Currently I’m in Western Uganda gearing up to photograph a Women’s Day march and rally as part of a larger assignment for ActionAid. This coming Tuesday marks the 100th annual celebration of the event. Before I get to that however, detailing my previous assignment with the Uganda Women’s Health Initiative couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion. One of UWHI’s main programs is to deal with the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, which is the leading cause of death for women in Uganda outside the child bearing age bracket. A joint study by the Uganda Ministry of Health and PATH found that 67% of bed occupancy in the gynecological ward of Mulago Hospital, Uganda’s largest, is[…]

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