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The Call to Heal

The health care industry in the USA is one of the most lucrative, in-demand career fields one could enter; so much so that many doctors and nurses from the developing world leave their home countries seeking work in the US or other places where higher wages can be found.

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This App Saves Lives

“You need a medium to tell people. When I show pictures and video, a client understands the information so much better. Mere verbal information does not have credibility and authority.” These words are not lifted from one of my recent sales pitches to potential clients. Rather, they were said by a community health worker named Sunita in India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. Sunita now uses a phone app to facilitate her work from house to house among pregnant and nursing women. Uttar Pradesh currently has some of the worst maternal and newborn mortality rates in all of India. When the government launched their ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) program in 2005, the goal was to place one such community health worker in every village in the country in order to reduce maternal and newborn deaths associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Today, with nearly 900,000 ASHAs, India has more[…]

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Leave it to the Experts: Innovative HIV Programs in Malawi

We’ve reached a global hinge point in the treatment of HIV.  People living with the disease are no longer passive beneficiaries.  After more than a decade of receiving health and nutrition training, HIV+ people are often times living healthier lifestyles than many of their negative peers.  Catholic Relief Services‘ Expert Client program places trained HIV+ community members in local health facilities where they guide new patients through the rigors of anti-retroviral treatment (ARV).  By using their own experience of living with the disease to counsel and mentor, they empower the new patients to live more healthy and productive lives.  I recently shot and produced this video for CRS in southern Malawi.  The program is funded by USAID.

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