Regardless of what type of photographer you are, you’re going to photograph at least one wedding during your career. I approach weddings mainly from a documentary point of view and greatly enjoy doing them. I try to capture the events as they unfold rather than spending most of the time posing people. The wedding I shot Saturday was that of Craig and Kathleen in Norfolk, VA. Kathleen, a fashion designer working in LA and her now husband Craig, an artist and designer, chose a vintage look for their wedding that made it so interesting to photograph. Kathleen designed her own dress. The guest book took the form of a vintage type-writer. To top it off, the couple was escorted in a 1962 black Cadillac for the day.



The wedding took place at the Women’s Club, a mansion in the Victorian neighborhood of Ghent in Norfolk. From the site, to the cake to the transportation, the style was thematically in sync.


Technical notes: TURN OFF THAT FLASH! About half of what I shoot are ambient exposures, pictures taken with available light. Flash can kill the mood of a photo like a cell phone ringing in church. Though you can’t always do it, I recommend shutting off the flash whenever possible.



All the best to Craig and Kathleen!