130603_003 Photo: Boaz Opedun

The first step in helping underrepresented individuals is building awareness that communicates, without condescension, the emotional stories of these lives.

Since receiving a BFA in Still Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2003, Jake has filmed and photographed in over sixty different countries for humanitarian organizations, editorial publications, and corporations striving to make an impact in the developing world. As advocacy tools, his videos have been instrumental in bringing emergency services to survivors of sexual violence in the DR Congo (CARE-European Union, 2013), in streamlining and enhancing the Government of Malawi’s policies on HIV / AIDS (CRS-USAID, 2014), and in helping to bring urgent relief to earthquake-struck Nepal (ChildFund – Caritas, 2015), to name a few.

Jake is skilled as a creative visual storyteller, whether working on assignment as an individual or as a part of a larger production team. His services include HD video production and still photography. He sees his video work through from concept to completion with storyboarding, shooting, directing, and editing. His photographs offer an intimate and compassionate glimpse into the lives of the underprivileged and disenfranchised from around the globe.

As a citizen of the world, Jake Lyell has lived for much of his career outside his native USA. With more than seven years’ experience living in Uganda and Tanzania, he has extensive knowledge of NGO programming and development issues. In 2012 he obtained Apple Pro certification in Final Cut X video editing. He speaks proficient Swahili and has basic understanding of French and Spanish. Today he lives with his wife and daughter in Richmond, VA. Get in touch at jake@jakelyell.com.