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Mother in Charge

I recently completed a couple of weeks in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region. I’ll likely complete four or five videos once the dust settles, literally. Here’s the first. Werdi is the lead mother and manager of ChildFund‘s Early Childhood Development center in Fantale, Ethiopia. In a rural area where girls traditionally don’t receive an education, she’s a bold supporter and advocate for social change in her village. ChildFund‘s work relies on individuals at a community level. The ECD program in Fantale prepares young ones for primary school, and insures they receive proper nutrition and medical care during their crucial early years. It is also successfully navigating complex social customs in order to bring about change in the lives of young people and families.

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Africa’s True Survivors

I endured photographing in Dar es Salaam’s grueling heat yesterday morning, but it’s nothing compared to what some of these women have gone though. Yes, women get breast cancer in Africa, too. But here the dynamic is different. With limited health care facilities and awareness, most women who have breast cancer are unaware of it and end up succumbing to the disease. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is working to change that. Known for their Walk for the Cure as well as other advocacy and research programs, their scope has gone global in recent years and is now reaching women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Women diagnosed with breast cancer in Tanzania and other African countries have to deal with severe stigma and the temptation to consult traditional healers, as their family or peers may advise. It’s a miracle that about one hundred survivors came out yesterday, donning the pink shirt[…]

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featured in Marie Claire…

My photographs appear for the third time in this month’s Marie Claire. The magazine does a good job keeping its readers informed about what goes on in the lives of women throughout the world. For this article MC took a look at five different women in different countries on four continents, comparing their salaries and lifestyles. The subject of my photos, Rachel Jama, whom I shadowed for a day in Soroti, Uganda, was the most unique of all the women. Read the article and see if you don’t agree. The January 2011 issue is on stands now.

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