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Nepal: Three Months Later

Three months to the day into the emergency, Caritas, Internationalis, a global confederation of Roman Catholic relief and development service organizations which includes USA’s Catholic Relief Services, reflects on the collective response made in Nepal. Working together, the confederation has helped more than 300,000 people so far recover from the quake. However, with the imminent onset of the heavy monsoon season, urgent needs remain. Over three separate journeys varied in scope, my family and I have spent a great deal of time in Nepal so far this year, and thus I nurture a tremendous love for the country and its people. The experiences we’ve had there, both before, during, and after the quakes, have given us a renewed joy of life and taught us to cherish and capitalize on each moment that we have.

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Cash is King

Catholic Relief Services uses dynamic and creative approaches for its on-the-ground emergency relief efforts. Find out why cash distributions are the best solution for some families in the wake of the destructive Nepal earthquakes.

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Nepal: The Fear Inside

When I landed in Nepal three days after the earthquake, aftershocks were still occurring. They woke me early in the mornings, shook the room, and disoriented me in my tired state. Frightening as they were to me, I can’t imagine what it was like for a child who experienced the full impact of the first quake. Here, Ayush, a young earthquake survivor, recounts his experience of the disaster and how it has affected his family.

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