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Mombasa Groove

Beat the traffic blues and sway along with the tuk-tuks and baobab trees. This is Mombasa! I shot this entirely with the GoPro Hero3+, controlling the camera from inside the car using the GoPro app.

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Selfless Optimism

Both of my most recent videos feature individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others in East Africa by giving their time and resources to assist in the causes of education and women’s empowerment. The above video was shot in Kibera, which is known for being East Africa’s largest slum. I had to keep well on my toes while shooting here, as the neighborhood can be dicey. We hired guides and watchmen to look out for us and to help control the curious crowds. There’s a bit of male-bashing in this piece, but it appears to be well-deserved. For anyone looking to begin a new NGO in Kenya, may I suggest addressing absentee fathers and the break-up of the family. On the whole, women in Sub-Saharan Africa face more challenges than men. Care for Kenya works with women in Kibera and Kisumu, most of whom are HIV[…]

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Only in Tesoland

The Teso tribe of East Africa numbers about 3.5 million people, most of whom live in NE Uganda. After Kampala, Tesoland was the first place I visited in the country. Nearly three years later I still hold it in my heart as one of the most special places in the world. Centuries old traditions remain firmly engrained in the culture here.  While that’s not unique among tribes in Africa, rarely are they so welcoming to outsiders as the Teso.  Take, for instance, their nearby cousins, Kenya’s Turkana.  During colonial times even Great Britain dared not enter their tribal lands.  The colonial power shut off the Turkana Region and required a special pass of any outsider wishing to visit. Above, villagers enjoy beer and peanuts at the local bar. The local brew, shared from a communal clay pot, is concocted from millet and sucked through long straws made from reeds.  In[…]

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