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The Big Picture

This is big-picture stuff.  No, I’m not talking about the number of megapixels on my Canon 5D Mark III, I’m talking about the work of US development organization, MCC.  The Millennium Challenge Corporation works to impact developing nations and their economies on a macro scale.  Part of this work means renovating the infrastructure on which a nation operates.  While certainly not the most emotionally gripping topic, infrastructure is key to any country’s economic development.  Build a solid enough foundation, and a nation will have the tools it needs to provide for its own citizens. Above, a main artery stretches through the city of Nampula, in Mozambique, where MCC is rehabilitating roads and renovating the city’s municipal water system.  The country’s grueling civil war ended in 1992, but much of its infrastructure has yet to recover, even now.  Below, workers construct the Nacala Dam in northern Mozambique, which will supply water[…]

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A Pat on the Back

A couple of times in the past I’ve gotten flack for giving credit to former US President George W. Bush here my blog, though it’s not because of any particular political persuasion I hold. On the continent of Africa, no other leader’s legacy endures more so than that of President Bush–trust me, I live here. From the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Program (PEPFAR) to his efforts to combat cervical cancer on the continent, Mr. Bush’s initiatives have saved millions, yes, millions of lives here.  So, just as I always ask for a photo by-line from my clients, I won’t refuse to give credit where credit is due when talking about another Bush-founded agency dedicated to aid in the developing world, the Millennium Challenge Corporation. My most recent work with the Millennium Challenge Corporation has so far taken me to the African countries of Burkina Faso, Tanzania, and Mozambique.  Many[…]

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Back to School in Mozambique

Only around half of children complete primary school in Mozambique. Those that do attend many times must walk miles each day to reach their school. All too often their classrooms are nothing more than the shade of a tree or huts made of makeshift materials. ChildFund is working with local communities to construct new and improved schools for children in remote areas of the country. Click above to watch an exciting video I’ve recently completed on the program. It’s great to be able to witness the abundance of joy that these children have in attending school regularly. But there’s still a lot of work to be done. Above, six year old Anatercia faces a two mile commute each day to and from her improvised classroom. Below, mothers in her community work on the construction of a new school, funded by ChildFund.

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