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Hard Labor

Child labor was largely stamped out in the US 100 years ago, but across the globe more than 160 million children are still involved in the practice. Today we have the opportunity to eradicate it completely. What steps will we take?

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LEAP Back to Learning

In the Philippines, child labor in the sugarcane fields means quick income for struggling families and interrupted education for children. ChildFund’s LEAP (Livelihoods, Education, Advocacy, Protection) program helps provide alternative livelihoods to parents while bringing children back to school where they belong.

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A Way Out of Traffic

Paid jobs are a rarity in most parts of rural India. In S. Rajasthan children are often either enticed by wages or forced into the grueling labor of the cotton fields in the neighboring state to support their families. A child’s small and delicate hands are gentle on cotton plants and actually assist in their cross-pollination. Girls are more likely to be targets, as their education, compared to boys, is looked upon as expendable. ChildFund International’s anti-trafficking programs, detailed in the above video, work both to rescue children who are victims of trafficking, as well as to provide alternative incomes for families in communities where the phenomenon is most common. Thanks to Christine Ennulat for the assistance on the post-production of the video piece.

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