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Greener Pastures

My most recent video assignment is truly a story of success. The Kimaro family has graduated from poverty thanks to the programs of the environmental NGO Plant With Purpose. Several years ago Jacob & Joyce Kimaro were small farmers living in poverty and trying to make ends meet on the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Things became even more difficult when Mr. Kimaro’s brother and sister-in-law passed away, and they had to take in seven extra children. It was then that the Kimaros joined VICOBA, the Village Community Bank organized by Plant With Purpose. There the family received training in sustainable agriculture practices, organic farming, and earning income while preserving the environment. VICOBA members are also able to save money jointly and access credit each week. Today the Kimaros not only have their bills paid on time, but are eating healthy and balanced diets while preserving their natural surroundings.

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All for the Kids – recent videos from East Africa

Featured here are two recent videos of mine from locations across East Africa. The first is a ChildFund PSA that aired on television in the US and was filmed in Kenya’s remote Maasai land. Though ChildFund has other outlets for the footage, on this particular spot my four days of footage were cut down to meager 62 seconds. Post-production for this piece was done by the Causeway Agency. Though certainly not as polished, I did my own editing on the spot below for Light in Africa. The video is aimed at recruiting volunteers to come out to Tanzania and aid in the work. I myself am a volunteer alumnus of the organization that years ago helped inspire me to take root in East Africa. My Liberia assignment that was scheduled for this week has been postponed. I’ve instead been rerouted to Kenya to cover the catastrophic drought gripping the North[…]

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From the Rooftop of Africa

In the past few months I’ve been working in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In this video update I discuss and review my most recent work with ChildFund, Right Choices, Computers 4 Africa, the Times London, and Light in Africa from my base in Kilimanjaro Region, near Africa’s highest peak.

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