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Our Growing Numbers | Accessible Contraception in East Africa

As unemployment remains high and the region’s resources are rapidly being swallowed up by the booming population, family planning is something that every family should consider here in East Africa.  In Amuria, Uganda where I live, 57% of all people are under the age of 17.  When one compares that to my home town of Richmond, Virginia, in the US, that number falls to 22%. Uganda’s youthful population of 32 million has nearly doubled in the past twenty years.  It has one of the highest growth rates in the world.  If the current trends stay on track, the country will be home to more than more than 130 million people by 2050.  I’ve recently been working with PSI, Population Services International, in Tanzania and Uganda. PSI works in a number of areas in Global Health, but I’ve been specifically documenting their family planning services here in East Africa. Working in[…]

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