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Protected Passage

Extorted, followed, threatened, harmed. Facing these frightening realities, many families in Honduras have no choice but to flee their homes and communities in hope they can start anew somewhere far away, somewhere safe. ChildFund supports them on that perilous journey North. Through the Protected Passage program, ChildFund supports refugees and migrants at shelters like the one seen here – and others in Central America – with daily food, diapers, medical equipment, educational and psycho-social support, as well as computers and play equipment. The video above was the centerpiece for a recent (extremely successful) Mother’s Day fundraising gala by ChildFund, which brought over $140,000 for the organization in a single night. Names and exact locations have been withheld from this post for protection purposes.

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Impact of Violence on Children in Honduras

Many of Honduras’ children miss out on childhood as a result of the spiraling violence that has become a way of life in the Central American nation. I shot this video as an advocacy tool for ChildFund in its efforts to inform decision makers in Washington and across the world of the sometimes unfathomable dangers children face each day.

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Getting it Right the First Time – Honduras

What’s the one thing that parents can do to raise their children properly? I’m not yet a dad, but I’m at least aware there’s not simply one thing that parents can do to ensure their kids are on the right track. On the contrary, parenting is a holistic affair. ChildFund has a similar approach in its early childhood development programs in Honduras, which allow kids to get the start they need in life in order to realize their full potential. Working amidst the surrounding poverty, their integrated programs emphasize the need for proper nutrition, early stimulation, and love and attention at home from parents and caregivers. Crucial ingredients in the program are the door-to-door guide mothers who carry information and awareness to households, monitoring children’s nutritional and health status along the way. Guide mothers teach parents proper brain stimulation during crucial early years, and quickly identify developmental difficulties to keep[…]

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