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Protected Passage

Extorted, followed, threatened, harmed. Facing these frightening realities, many families in Honduras have no choice but to flee their homes and communities in hope they can start anew somewhere far away, somewhere safe. ChildFund supports them on that perilous journey North. Through the Protected Passage program, ChildFund supports refugees and migrants at shelters like the one seen here – and others in Central America – with daily food, diapers, medical equipment, educational and psycho-social support, as well as computers and play equipment. The video above was the centerpiece for a recent (extremely successful) Mother’s Day fundraising gala by ChildFund, which brought over $140,000 for the organization in a single night. Names and exact locations have been withheld from this post for protection purposes.

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Hope Amid the Crisis – Turkana, Kenya

Many have heard about the horrific drought that is gripping the Horn of Africa right now. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Kenya’s Turkana Region documenting the situation and the relief efforts there. In Turkana the UN has declared a food Crisis: one step below a Famine but one above an Emergency. While I have plenty of images that depict the crisis, today we’ll focus on the positive – the long-term food security projects of ChildFund and the World Food Programme in Turkana, known as Food for Assets. Click play above for a full explanation. The Food For Assets program works to coerce those Turkana living in irrigable areas to learn sustainable farming practices by making the food aid they receive contingent upon their enrollment in the program. It is the hope of implementing partners that after one year of learning, people who have received the training will[…]

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