It’s hard to believe that as much hoopla as this guy has stirred up, as much attention as he’s garnered in the media, that the problems he caused are still not yet fixed. Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army plundered Northern Uganda for over a decade. The rebels killed tens of thousands of Ugandan civilians, displaced millions, and turned the peaceful farms across the region into heaps of ashes.


The war against Kony’s LRA ended in Uganda in 2006. It’s still ongoing, albeit on a smaller scale, in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. During the rebellion most families in Northern Uganda were forced to flee their homesteads and livelihoods for the security of crowded refugee camps. Still largely dependent on handouts from government and relief organizations, they’ve returned to their land with nothing. Economic and psychological recovery has yet to be realized.


When you’re left with almost nothing, it’s nearly impossible to rebuild. ChildFund Australia’s Community Recovery Program focuses mainly on widows who were effected by the upheaval caused by the LRA, their children and grandchildren, and any orphaned children in their care.  ChildFund works to ensure they’ll be able to provide for their families again, send them to school, and hopefully, to return to the pre-war prosperity they experienced long ago.


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