Take a couple of minutes to see and hear how ChildFund‘s work during the 2011 drought crisis in the Horn of Africa sustained communities and saved the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable people in Kenya and Ethiopia. Statistics can be very impersonal.  In this video I focused on individuals rather than numbers, while still trying to convey the broad geographic scope of the interventions. Shown above with two of her children, Beyenech was pregnant during the time of the drought. Thanks to ChildFund‘s emergency food programs, she was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy while she and the rest of her children still had an adequate food supply.

The last time I reported on the drought was to show the dire situation there. Now it’s a year later. It’s great to be able to look back and visit families in the Horn in order to show the effectiveness of emergency interventions there.   Like most of my videos, I scripted, storyboarded, shot, edited, and narrated this one.  ChildFund commissioned this video as a thank you to those who helped families in the Horn during the time of crisis.