It’s getting on toward the end of 2011, so I’ll take the time to display some work used by clients this year. These selected works document everything from PSI‘s Peer Educators who make the rounds at bars counseling sex workers and their clients in Hanoi, to ChildFund‘s annual reports and holiday gift catalog covers. I probably shouldn’t mention these two in the same sentence. Other works seen here are for UNICEF, the ICC‘s Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice, the Gates Foundation and the Uganda Women’s Health Initiative. For a closer look, click on any of these articles or covers.

At a loss for what to give for Christmas gifts this year? Why not a goat, pig or clean water in honor of a friend or loved one? Go to ChildFund’s online gift catalog to begin your shopping spree. Much of the photography, including the cover shot, is by yours truly.

Follow this link to navigate through a unique interactive about the Gates Foundation‘s initiative to reduce poverty by empowering small farmers in the developing world.