His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, recently stopped by WaterAid projects in Dar es Salaam as part of his state visit to mark Tanzania’s 50 years of independence from Great Britain. His Royal Highness didn’t seem bothered by Dar’s extreme heat and kept tradition by wearing his trademark double-breasted suit.

No one knows the identity of the man immediately to the left of the Prince in the above photograph. I took great pains to try to find out for captioning purposes. In spite of the tight security, the unidentified man managed to inch his way up to His Royal Side during the tour, making him the ultimate party crasher. It was clear he enjoyed being photographed, however, as in most of my photos he preferred to glare at the lens rather than schmooze with the Prince, as shown below. He disappeared right after His Royal Highness made his exit.

Our uninvited guest ought to take some fashion tips from the Prince. What’s with that short-sleeved suit? This was the first time I’ve seen such an outrage openly flaunted.

I stayed on to photograph other water and sanitation projects in the area, including the use of foot-activated DIY hand-washing stations seen below.